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Израильские дела

прочел интересную статью по поводу нынешней израильской ситуации после убийства подростков

Teens' murder was an attack against the calm

писал, очевидно, какой-то местный "голубь", которого тут же стали поклевывать в комментах воинственные евреи со всех концов света. Оставил свою реплику:

I totally agree with the author. Unfortunately, many Jews both in Israel and in the Diaspora still keep this ghetto mentality, for which any such crime is just a short prelude before an all-out attack against the whole powerless  Jewish people. In result, their rational thinking is suppressed by fear and panic.  The only solution they see is an immediate forceful response against "all 'em".

In reality, Israel is a strong state, which is not going to be seriously threaten by Hamas or Islamic Jihad. No state in this world is able to provide complete security to all its citizens at all times. Whatever powerful  US are, they could not prevent 11/09, nor could they protect the stuff at their embassy in Libya. Such things happen and should be managed smartly. A smart thing to do in this case is to go after the guys directly responsible for the murder, even if it takes time, and not to punish the population at large just because "they hate us". One should make a careful distinction between those who "support Hamas" by words, while sitting in front of their TV screens, and those actually ready to take up a Kalashnikov and kill.  A random punishment converts quiet haters into murderous ones, while smart and precise targeting eliminates the real danger. No wonder if  the perpetrators of this crime are actually counting on the so-called "strong"  Israeli response.

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